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MwBA (wiBC) city champions
team handicap
These are the MWBA (WIBC) City Champions prior to the merger of the MBA (ABC) and the MWBA (WIBC).

Some images are more recent than when they became champions.
Images, where available, are displayed in a popup window by clicking on their name.  Please close the popup window after viewing.
If you have any information on any missing items,
please contact me.
Tournament # Year Winner Score
From here down the Tournaments are numbered even though there were prior Tournaments.  We are not sure as to why this is so.  Maybe someone can answer this question or the answer might turn-up in our research.
1 1939-40    
2 1940-41    
3 Apr-1942    
4 Apr-1943 Class "A" - Memphis Elevators
Class "B" - LaRosa Tamales
Class "A" - Memphis Elevators
Myrtle Sayers Goldie Penny Catherine Maranise E. Gibson Vera Kook
5 Apr-1944 Class "A" - Cotton States League Team 2
Class "B" - Southern Juniors
Class "A" - Cotton States League Team 2
Becky Sokol Lena Faerber M. Brethenick H. Graham Mary Phelps
Class "B" - Southern Juniors
Dorothy Reed        
6 1945    
7 Apr-1946 Dan Shea Team 2665
Laverne Hodges Julia Vaughan Sue Munn Prudy LaRoche Dorothy Gray
8 Apr-1947 Class "A" - Ruby Beamish Team
Class "B" - Bernice Greer Team
9 Mar-1948 Orkin Exterminators 2984
Clayra Williams Mildred Gow Odie Kettlewell Sis Huddleston Dorothy Gray
10 Mar-1949    
11 Feb-1950 Class "A" - E. J. Liquors
Class "B" - NuGrape
Class "A" - E. J. Liquors
Ruth Kimbrough        
12 Apr-1951 Class "A" - Stratton Warren
Class "B" - H & H Motors
Class "A" - Stratton Warren
Becky Sokol Bettye Durbin Mary Lou Aste Polly Brown Loraine Carbery
Class "B" - H & H Motors
Frances Gunn Myril Starrett Anita Pierantoni L. Mattes Emma Gibson
  1952 No Tournament - hosting Tennessee State Tournament
13 Feb-1953 Class "A" - Joyner Esso
Class "B" - Bob Sanders Team
Class "A" - Joyner Esso
Ruth Linn Ruby Beamish Vesta Kay Becky Sokol Marie Thompson
Class "B" - Bob Sanders Team
Jessie Gulick Esther Reicheiderfer B. Williams Ann Thrash Connie Street
14 Feb-1954 Class "A" - Auto Sales Co.
Class "B" - Mallory Air Force Dept
Class "A" - Auto Sales Co.
Laura Nelson Eleanora Karlson Mary Doherty Faye Washam Dot Barker
15 Feb-1955 Class "A" - Joyner Esso
Class "B" - Thomas Lettering Service
Class "A" - Joyner Esso
Ruth Linn Ruby Beamish Vesta Kay Myrtle Sayers Marie Thompson
Class "B" - Thomas Lettering Service
Essie Verner Clara Shoultz Anne South Ginger Rogers Gladys Hampton
16 Apr-1956 Class "A" - E. J. Old Crow
Class "B" - Southern Builders
Class "A" - E. J. Old Crow
Becky Sokol Goldie Penny Julia Gunti Elizabeth Belisomo Sadie Frazier
Class "B" - Southern Builders
Pat Pierce Mary Bounds Doris Johnson Faye Music Mildred Jordan
17 Mar-1957 Black & White Stores 2973
Edithe Whalen Merle Fury Edna Legge Jean DeLuca Marie Siler
18 Mar-1958 Hecht's 3026
Louesa Jenks Sylvia Daniel Helen Harmon Mary Jackie Bisio Marie Farmer
19 Apr-1959 Tennessee Tobacco 3055
Janelle Spencer Carolyn Hannah Sandra Nelson Pug Mancini Mary Lou Aste
20 Apr-1960 Park Lanes 2956
Mary Lou Cox Marie Grimes Clara Morton Judy Turner Scotty Hawkins
21 Jan-1961 Al Irvine Shell 2944
Kay Velie Della Moore Kris Futris Ruth Bates Vena Lehman
22 Feb-1962 Airport Hotshots 2899
Ola Corder Marie Grimes Mary Lou Cox Helen Shuford Angie Varrato
  1962-63 No Tournament -  WIBC National Tournament in Memphis
23 Jan-1964 Grant's Summer Center 2935
Jo Cooley Vena Lehman Kay Velie Della Moore Kris Futris
24 Mar-1965 Long's By-Ryt 2961
Joy Word Martha Campbell Virginia Boler Dollie Newcomb Joan Hensley
25 Nov-1965 Albert Cook's Curvettes 2948
Jo Hayslett Fern Powers Kathryn McNew Bobbie Hamilton Joy Hoag
26 Nov-1966 MainLiners 3057
Pauline Sackman Betty Rawes Oritha Passene Frances Hobbs Pauline Snell
27 Nov-1967 The Dolls 3053
28 Feb-1969 Class "A" - Clyde Holden Inc
Class "B" - Meek Jobbers
Class "A" - Clyde Holden Inc
Emma Reaves Marge Viets Virginia Holden Shirley Bast Eula Brown
Class "B" - Meek Jobbers
Pat Jernigan Dot Gammon Scotty Hawkins Florence Meek Jo Cutler
29 Feb-1970 Five Cookies 3080
Dottie Kirkpatrick Sylvia Daniels Inez Crabtree Pat Van Eaton Bonnie Younger
30 1971 Eastside Liquors 3170
Mary Rasbach Alice Stirling Lou Dwyer Linda Cromwell Ouida Young
31 Apr-1972    
32 Apr-1973 Avery Remodeling 3104
Mary Helms Annie Elkins Bonnie Younger Bonnie Schledwitz Barbara Streitenbergerr
33 Apr-1974 Big Star #2 3075
Ann Lapradd Phyllis Christian Johnnie Rainer Laverne Smith Nell Riley
34 1975 Sacred Heart Mothers 3098
Sandra Melton Helen Harden Carolyn Worley Virginia Collins Edna Ray
35 Apr-1976 Loeb's Rolling Five  
Sarah Carr Betty Moody M. Smith M. Steel D. Duffie
36 Apr-1977 Frayser Fools  
S. Wright Judy Fox Peggy Lynch K. Masters J. Zelensky
37 Feb-1978 Memphis Avionics Inc 3190
Jean Sheppard Ruby Gafford Cathy Nichols Kit Szeckley Anne Brauer
38 Feb-1979 DeSota Steel Buildings 3042
Cecile Kean
39 Feb-1980 United Papermakers 3188
Viola Donald Patsy Williams Jeatline Williams Glenda Snyder Gloria Cowan
40 Feb-1981 Memphis Service Sinners 3280
Norma Walker Jean Crabtree Linda Stokes Dee Larson Pat Swift
41 Feb-1982 The Five Alive 3123
D. Anderson        
42 Feb-1983 Lion's Mane 3140
Glenda Hawkins        
43 Feb-1984 Memphis Group Inc 3145
44 Feb-1985 The Innovations 3101
45 Feb-1986 Memphis Cowgirls 3169
46 Feb-1987 Pinbusters 3047
Sherry Drzycimski        
47 Feb-1988 Pinbusters 3153
C. Brandon        
48 Feb-1989 Chargettes 3179
M. Brown        
49 Feb-1990 Diamond Ladies 3134
Annie Haley Clarice Stephens Dianne Coleman Betty Mems Mary Ward
50 Feb-1991 Just Five 3096
Debbie Chandler Claire Bence Frances Marsh Geri Marzella Debbie Summers
51 Feb-1992 Earl O'Kelly Team  
Dot Taylor        
52 Feb-1993    
53 Feb-1994 Dee's Team 3253
54 Feb-1995 Zoo Team 3131
Clara Wright        
55 Feb-1996 To Be Or Not To Be 3296
  1997 No Tournament  
56 Feb-1998 Brassy Classy Divas 3035
Doris Rhodes Cynthia Smith Sara Hoskin Cora White Bradley Williams
57 Feb-1999 Ladies of Winchester 3075
58 Mar-2000 Fantastic 5 3072
Hazel Curry Gloria Caldwell Lesley Ray Carol Bippen Keota Bain
59 Mar-2001 Pin Busters  
Tracey Savage Ann Rice Barbara Ashwander Emma Jones Jackie Austin
60 Mar-2002 Cotton Bowl Girls 3187
Andrea Affuso Norma Baldridge Hazel Curry Janie Jones Kimberly Jones
61 Mar-2003 Slow Starters 3083
Andrea Affuso Norma Baldridge Hazel Curry Janie Jones Kimberly Jones
62 Mar-2004 Team #31 3196
Lora Sprayberry Patsy Mote Edna Adama Denise Martin Dianna Howell
63 Mar-2005 The Real Deal 3149
Tina Joy Joy Adams Lisa Shelton Queen Joyce Yulanda Turner

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